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Glacial Geology Morpho-Memory Game

The Department of Geological Sciences and Science Outreach have worked together to produce a memory game for Year 12 geography students and their teachers.

Similar to the game of “pairs”, 26 pairs of photographs showing glacial features are placed face-down on the table. Students, in groups of about 4 to 6, take it in turn to turn over one photo. Once a student knows where a pair of photos is situated he or she can turn the pair over and wins a point.

fjord fjord_name
Example of photo and corresponding name card for a fjord

However, the game is made more worthwhile by allowing the student to name and then describe the feature eg terminal moraine”, scoring extra points by doing so.  The game therefore includes an information card for each of the pairs of photos, enabling a student to act as judge of the quality of the description.

fjord info card
Example of an information card

A variation of the game will allow one set of photos and name cards to be used in place of the pairs of photos. This will enable students near the start of the course to learn to identify the visual aspects of each feature.

Each high quality game consists of 26 pairs of photos, 26 corresponding name cards, and one set of information cards, in their own custom-made box with instructions.  The photos and name cards, 65mm by 65mm, are printed in colour onto 1mm thick board and gloss laminated both sides, to provide a hard-wearing surface. 

A glossary of terms used in the game is available here (pdf 93kB)

Boxed games are available at a subsidised cost of $20/game plus postage and packing.

To purchase a box please make the payment by direct credit to the University of Canterbury bank account:

Bank Name:
  ANZ Bank
Branch Name:  Auckland (Q&V)
Account Name:  University of Canterbury
Account Number: 01 1839 0036732 00
Swift (Routing) Number: ANZBNZ22
Bank Address: - Corner Queen and Victoria Street, Auckland

When you make the payment please include the following in the reference fields: 27000 1980 0 0 1. This ensures the payment is credited to Science Outreach.
Please then email our Accounts Receivable office at  once the payment is made and they will generate a GST receipt for you.  Include  as a cc in the email  so we know the payment has been made and we can send the game. Please provide the delivery address, including your post code. The game will be dispatched within seven days.

Don’t forget to include $5 for postage and packing if you need it.
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