Science Outreach

Science Outreach

About the Programme

The Outreach Programme was established at the University of Canterbury in 1999 to enhance science education in schools and encourage people to study more science. The Programme has a range of resources and activities for secondary schools.

The programme is based in the University of Canterbury's College of Science and employs a full time staff member to coordinate its activities.

The key aims of the Programme are:

  • to encourage an appreciation of the pivotal place that science holds in modern society;
  • to describe how modern research has the potential to solve some of the really big problems of our modern world;
  • to persuade young people that the study of science at University is rewarding and worthwhile on a personal level as well as in a more altruistic sense;
  • to support the school science teaching community.

In the long term we hope to achieve an increase in community awareness of science and scientific issues.

Email or call (03) 364 2178 to find out more about what the Outreach Programme offers.