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Science Outreach

Nanotechnology kit

This kit showcases a range of smart materials that have been developed through the relatively new field of Nanotechnology. It is an excellent way to show students how science research can lead to new discoveries that will have a direct impact on their lives.

This kit is suitable for students in Years 9 to 11 and has enough components for a class of 30 working in groups of 3.

Ferrofluid imagesmart wireiron fillings

The following items are included in the kit:

10 Memory wires
10 two-way memory springs
10 super elastic wires
10 sealed tubes containing ferrofluid
10 pairs of magnet bars
10 sealed jars containing Iron filings
1 Ferrofluid demonstration kit
1 "HOT" memory wire demonstration

Nanotechnology PowerPoint with teacher notes
Several You-tube videos looking into the future

If you are interested in using this kit in your classroom please contact Science Outreach at 364 2178.